Tuesday, 25 January 2011

LiveType and Soundtrack

Livetype is a program which allows you to create animated title sequences for your footage. Unlike final cutpro, Livetype offers a lot more ways with which you can experiment with your text. Of course it sticks with the basic things such as being able to choose colour, size, font etc, however Livetype also offers thing such as being able to change attributes of each title or character including the size, drop shadow, outline, extrusion, glow, opacity and tracking of the text. Through Livetype you can create exactly the  title sequence you have in mind for  your thriller film and combined with the right music make the prefect opening of a thriller film. Here o briefly annotated LifeType: 
When it comes to editing our sound, the program we used was Soundtrack Pro. This program allows us to compose and edited our audio applications. Once you understand and get the hang of using soundtrack its pretty straight forward and great as it makes your sounds origional and can have  a massive effect on your production.

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