Monday, 3 January 2011

Detailed analysis of Thriller Clip

The thriller clip we watched in class was "Deja vu". The clip is 5 mins and 27 seconds long. Within those 5 minutes, the audience sees a lot. The micro features such as mise en scene, sound, editing and camera make the clip very interesting.

It starts off with gentle music, slow paced, the camera is showing us people having fun. Navy people going onto a boat. The editing is slow paced. The titles are appearing during the clip instead of on a blank screen in the beginning.

For the first 3 minutes everything is slow paced, music, camera, editing. Then we see a little girl drop her doll in the water, after this everything becomes fast. We hear a band playing music, then on the radio the beach boys song comes on "Don't Worry Baby", this relaxes the audience. Makes them feel reassured.

Everything seems to be like a normal day, people having fun enjoying themselves. But then the man looks into the mirror, we see the camera look inside and sees what seems to be a bomb. We then hear the beeping of it as it's about to explode. Then the editing shows us a wide shot of the boat exploding. It changes angles every second showing us a different angle of the explosion.

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