Thursday, 13 January 2011

Which aspects of the film 'Psycho' have been used in the films; What Lies Beneath, The Stepfather and Succubus (Student Thriller)

What Lies Beneath
'What Lies Beneath' effectively makes use of the bathroom setting which is also seen within the film Psycho, furthermore, 'What lies Beneath' effectively borrows the running shower head aspect from the film Psycho and lastly, a lot of slow movement is used in both films in order to make us feel on edge, anxious and fearful.

The Stepfather 
The film 'The Stepfather' utilizes the rip of the shower curtain off of the rail and also pans out slowly from the fallen victim in the bathtub, both these ideas are first seen within Psycho.

Succubus (Student Thriller) 
The Student Thriller uses a variety of techniques that are also shown in the film Psycho.
The shower scene idea is the most obvious of all, however, lots of similar camera angles are used in each film, characters movement slows in pace as tension begins to build in each, moreover, in both Psycho and Succubus, there is minimal use of non-diegetic sound; this creates more of a sense of realism.
However, in the build up to the violent shower attack, the Succubus inputs ominous/erie music although there are no added on sounds in the film Psycho.

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