Friday, 7 January 2011

Three examples of a suspenseful moment in 'Collateral'

Example 1: Hospital chase 

During the hospital scene when Vincent chases after Felix, music increases in pace and camera movement begins to get faster, this creates a great feeling of suspense since the audience has no indication as to what will happen next, we are held in suspense all the way up until Felix throws the briefcase he is holding, off of a bridge.

Example 2: The build up just before Vincent, shoots the man he is interogating, in the head 

This scene is made suspenseful because of how the only sounds on set are the actors voices, this makes the scene feel very real and makes the audience focus only on what is being said, in addition, the feeling of suspense is also enforced by the moments of silence between speech, furthermore the close ups of the characters faces brings us closer to the action and thus amplifies the feeling of suspense even more.

Example 3: When Felix attempts to pass by the security guards as Vincent 

Low angle shots of the security guards make them seem larger and thus more threatening, this immediately increases suspense because it makes us seem smaller and more vulnerable, therefore, we feel slightly more anxious.
Moreover, Non-diegetic music is introduced as Felix stammers and stutters as he lies to the security guards, this dialogue combined with the tense music produces a very effective suspenseful atmosphere.

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