Friday, 8 April 2011

3) Who would be the audience for your media product?


We have a broad target audience for our thriller opening, appealing to both genders and all races of people, however, since the main actors within our film are quite young, our film appeals more to a younger audience ranging from 16-25.

 Thriller films can also have many sub-genres that appeal to both male and female watchers, such as; romance, suspense, horror, crime, action, Sci-Fi etc.  Specifically, the suspense within thrillers appeals more towards  female audiences, while the crime to the male. When it comes to age, our ideal audience would be around 16 to 25 years old, because our actors are quite young and would therefore appeal to the younger age of the scale, however the plot would appeal to the 25 year olds +. Because our thriller revolves around relationship issues as well as the psychological aspect, it might appeal more to couples as they can relate to the storyline to some extend, however, the psychological aspects of the thriller, allows the boundary to expand to just about anyone who likes to think things through, and work things out for themselves.

Lewis is a typical target member for our thriller opening, he's 16 years old and is a student at City and Islington Six Form College. He is currently doing three A Level's including; Biology, Electronics and psychology. He enjoys, skating, going to the cinema, playing xbox 360 and spending time with his friends.

Here is a few of the items he carries around with him or in his bag:

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