Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation Question 6 part 2 - Audience feedback and comment

We had the opportunity to see all media student's final thriller in the local cinema, and at the end I went around talking to different students that hadn’t previously seen our thriller in order to see what they thought of it, and if it was a success or not.  Personally I feel its great that we had this opportunity to collect opinions from our fellow students because they have too gone through this and know what things are required etc so they can mainly focus on the technical bit of the thriller when sharing their opinions of it I even recorded some of the students I spoke to, and over all they seemed to like it and feel that it worked really well.

This is a video of our film when it was played in the cinema. The recording shows the audience's first and last reactions.

(Sorry for the sideways filming)

Some of the Key things they mentioned:

The fact that it seemed normal at first, but it turned out that the girl was actually dead, received a great reaction from the audience as they felt it created great suspense.

The match cut between the girl outside and the male actor inside, made the audience want to know more about their relationship, which consequently will hopefully make them carry on watching the film.

The use of props was great, and the way the title related to the ticket, as it created a storyline.

The camera angles and different shots all worked well together.

The music was appropriate.

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