Monday, 21 February 2011

A bit more on films that inspired me

The idea to have a typical morning routine right at the beginning we got from The Step Father, because in it they made it work really well by creating a sense of  normality, yet were able to make the audience feel like something isn’t the way it should be at the same time. And so we too tried to create this in our opening scene by not revealing the woman’s face on the bed until he finishes getting ready, that way mixing a bit of normality along with suspense.

Similar, I thought it would be good to look at a  variety of films, some that were even quite old in order to see how they portrayed the whole psychological aspect and also the way thrillers have changed over time. A film I found useful as it linked with our ideas in a way was, Strangers on a Train (1951) Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, the main actor wants a divorce from his wife and later on ends up hiring a guy to kill her, this is similar to the death of our main actress in the opening sense and also the fact that the second woman from the outside looks up may suggest that she too had something to do with the first woman being dead, which creates intersexuality, because once again you have two characters who are in the known and you have a victim, however the way we changed ours was by having two female actors, instead of two male ones.  Also in Strangers on a Train from the title itself we gather that a lot of the actions takes place on a train, and in our opening we use a train ticket as one of our main props and is where we got the film’s name from, which showed me that although technology and such changes over time, the whole idea behind a thriller film making which is to create suspense and be able to link in things that are well known to the audience such as a train ticket(in order to create familiarity), while still creating tension, these kind of ideas will apply to any good thriller no matter what year it is produced.

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