Monday, 14 February 2011

Introduction to Cameras: Skills

In the lesson prior to filming our Bag swap scene, my group and I gained some skills on how to handle and operate highly advanced cameras as well as Tripods, aquiring these skills allowed us to create a short suspenseful film in which we used a variety of shots including; Panning, Medium Close Up's, Over the Shoulder etc.

In addition, we learnt how to adjust the Tripod stand in order for us to get as close to a smooth, steady shot as possible. Furthermore we learnt how to extend and shorten the legs on the Tripod which allowed us to gage the height at which we needed it to be at in order to achieve the 'perfect' shot.

During the lesson before shooting our Bag swap, we were taught how to avoid setting our cameras to Auto focus when filming, instead, we were told to use Manual focus since this gives a true sense of filming ability and clearly demonstrates how well you work with the camera.

However, whilst filming we forgot to alter the camera setting to manual focus for our first few shots which set us back timing wise, although once we made the minor adjustment from auto to manual, we were then able to shoot our own shots without the assistance of the face detection on auto focus.

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