Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Suspense is used throughout the movie Collateral because it is a high action thriller. One scene that is very suspenseful is the famous ‘Bag swap’ scene where Tom Cruises character bumps into a man and they both drop their bags. When they go to pick up their bags they pick up the bag the other person was carrying. This scene has a lot of suspense because it happens in a loud public area (airport).

Another suspenseful scene in the movie is when Tom Cruises character is quizzing the jazz musician. This is suspenseful because he says to the jazz musician that if he gets an answer wrong he will kill him, so as the audience we know that he is going to get an answer wrong but we don’t know when and how he will be killed. So when he is killed it is still a bit of a shock to us (the audience).

A suspenseful part of the movie towards the end when the lawyer is hiding in her office from the assassin that is played by Tom Cruise. I find this the most suspenseful part of the movie because of the eerie silence and that we can barely see what is going on because the whole floor is blacked out.


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