Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Introduction to cameras: SKILLS

Before filming our practice film the "Bag Swap". We first learnt how to use the camera, getting used to it, learning skills we should use when filming.

The camera we used was a JVC video camera.

I will list what we learnt:

  1. How to put the memory card in.
  2. How to put the battery pack in.
  3. We should never use zoom when filming.
  4. We should always use manual focus instead of auto focus.
  5. We should always use manual lighting instead of auto, to make sure that the film will be light when filming and not dark.
  6. We learnt how to playback the clips that we recorded.

Also we learnt how to use the tripod with the camera.

  1. First we learnt how to set up the tripod. By opening the latches and extending all 3 of the legs, then closing the latches. The legs will now be in a fixed position, standing up.
  2. Second we learnt how to put the camera on the tripod.
  3. We had to put the camera and slide it on until it clicks, then had to turn a latch to tighten it into a fixed position.
  4. We learnt how to remove the camera, by pushing a red button it releases the camera. Allowing the camera to be taken off. 

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