Monday, 14 February 2011

Evaluation of Prelim Film - The Confrontation

I think over all we did a pretty good job at filming it. However I feel the practice was definitely needed before our final production because it showed us where we went wrong and different shots we could work on before filming our final piece.

With the final piece I think if we decide to include panning shots we should work harder on making them seem more fluent, because with the Confrontation the first shot is a panning shot and is very shaky at times which ruins the effect of using such as shot.

Also, we should try make the change between shots more fluent to make it seems more realistic. For instance with The Confrontation the shot reverse shots could be improved, because at the moment you are able to tell they were filmed separately and then edited, which shouldn’t be the case.

Another important things we have to remember to do is focus our camera before each shot if its on manual, otherwise the shots become fuzzy or out of focus when transferred on the computer.

However, with the different shots of the daydream before she actually says what she has to say, the fact that you can tell they are all different shots put together afterward actually helps to make that scene less real and illustrates the fact that its an illusion.

I also feel the eerie music in the beginning works well with the panning shot as it doesn’t reveal much straight away therefore building tension and making the audience wait a while before giving them more.

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