Monday, 28 February 2011

Introduction to Editing: SKILLS

In order for my group and I to edit different clips that we had recorded, we were taught how to use a programme called FinalCutPro (FCP).
Whats really good about FCP is that it's really straightforward and simple to use. You are able to import files onto the programme itself, which you can then edit once they have been transfered.

After transfering clips onto the programme, you are then able to click and drag these clips onto a timeline. The timeline on FCP enables you to assemble the clips in the order you prefer them to be in and also allows you to input effects inbetween each clip in order for them to flow into one another without the transition being jumpy or robotic.

When editing your clips on FinalCutPro, you are offered a range of tools within a feature called the toolbox.
The toolbox consists of many useful editing tools, however, in particular my group and I learnt how to use the 'razorblade tool' which allows you to crop your footage and we also gained skills on how to add in effects inbetween clips placed onto the timeline. The effects we included were fade in and fade out which gave our 'bag swap film' more fluidity and made the short movie seem like more of a 'whole clip' than lots of little individual clips.

In addition, FCP also lets you add basic texts onto your footage and has a section called viewer which allows you to view the selected clip.

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