Monday, 28 February 2011

Livetype and Sound: SKILLS

Livetype is a programme which enables you to design an animated title sequence for a film.
However, Livetype differs from FinalCutPro since Livetype offers far more ways in which you are able to experiment and play around with texts. While still offering the basic options such as being able to choose from a range of colours, sizes and fonts, Livetype also offers you options such as being able to change more specific aspects of each title or character, e.g. size, outline, glow, drop shadow, extrusion, opacity, tracking etc.

An example of the layout of LiveType

You are able to create the exact title sequence you desire for your thriller opening through using Livetype, however, once this is combined with the correct opening music, you will then be able to produce a well rounded opening for a thriller film.

Therefore, in order to edit sound, the programme we used was Soundtrack Pro. This particular programme enabled my group and I to compose and edit our audio applications and also let us add a peice of music over a section of footage that we had recorded.

An example of the layout of Soundtrack Pro

The peice of music you choose to combine with the title sequence to your thriller opening, can be selected from a variety of different genres such as; dramatic, alternative, orchestral etc.

Once an understanding and awareness has been gained from using Soundtrack Pro, it then becomes quite easy to use and can have a huge impact on the whole production of the opening of your thriller film.

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