Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Title Sequence

Title Sequence

A title sequence that inspires me is the title sequence of ‘The Shining’. I like this because we can see the family driving up the hill and it is like a bird is watching them, following its prey. It also connotes the idea that the family are going in the wrong direction, a decision they may regret. The deserted land shows how powerless and insignificant the car/family are.

The camera has a high angle ariel shot  from behind, making the family feel vulnerable because they look so small, and the fact that the camera is behind implies that whatever is going to happen in this movie is unexpected.

The sound in this opening is also very sinister which re-enforces the idea that this is a very eerie movie. I like that the opening of the movie doesn't beat around the bush, but it goes straight in to the creepiness that is sustained throughout the movie.

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