Friday, 4 February 2011

Thriller Audience Research

Just like with any other movie genre , thrillers have a specific target audience which they rely on to boost their figures. However statistics show that in 2009 from 503 films that were realised in the Uk only 31 were thrillers, which speaks for itself as it shows that there are higher demands for other genres such as comedy and action than thriller. This idea is also backed up with statistics which showed that horror released 29 films, but even so managed to make £60, 228, 063 in the box office and made a lot more than thriller who produced 2 more films yet only managed to take in £42, 578, 104.

Of course there’s a reason why action, animation and comedy accounts for 52% of box office in the Uk in 2009, and that reason is because these genres appeal to the mass audience which therefore makes them more popular than thriller. Comedy and animations can nowadays be enjoyed by nearly all ages and definitely genders, therefore widening their target audience especially if those target audience are teenagers who are more willing to spend their money as they have more free time than adult who thriller films are usually aimed at.

Now, if we were to look at the ‘genre by gender’ diagram or take a few thriller films and look at their age certificate we would see that thrillers have a very spacific target audience who are in between the ages of 15 and above, especially those that have a sub genre of horror which then go even further with their age restriction to 18 and above, such as the Shinning.  The ‘genre by gender’ diagram also shows that the sub genres thrillers would include such as crime, action, sci fi go under the category of male target audience, therefore thrillers would normally aim at males, 15 and above which is really specific as it eliminates quite a big mass of audience who then influence the viewing percentage and that could be the
reason why thrillers are not as popular as comedy or animations for instance.

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