Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Evaluation, Audiences Feedback

Audiences Feedback 

We all watched each other's films in class, and afterwards asked our classmates for their thought and opinions of our thriller. Now, they were not our original target audience, because thrillers are usually aimed for mid age 25 to about 30 year olds, even though our one starts at about 18 plus mainly because of the young actors, but the story line is still in the mid age boundary. Even thought they were not our target audience, we still gathered useful information on technical issues such as the different shots, lighting, music issues etc, because everyone that watched it, had also produced a thriller of their own and therefore was able to give us an opinion from a film maker's point of view. After talking to our classmates, we went on to wordle.com and created a word cloud of all the feedback. Most of it was positive with the audience liking our match cuts and shots over all, however although they thought   the music went well with the film as whole, some felt it was overpowering and too loud.

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