Thursday, 24 March 2011

To begin with we saved any sounds which we thought might be good for our thriller. Once we had them to one side we knew we can listen to them and begin putting them together and so on. When choosing our sounds we mainly stuck to the ‘Intense’ and ‘Sark’ genres because they related mostly to our thriller and the mood it tried to put forward. Because of that, we picked sounds that were slow yet had a sense of normality to them for instance a piano playing, which added an eerie effect, but also calmness, because in our thriller the actor seems very calm going about his daily routine, however in reality something very disturbed had happened in that bedroom the night before, and the audience to some extend get this idea or feeling thought
the music we choose.

When it came to choosing our sounds for the thriller we had to take in considerations a few factors. First it had to relate to the thriller as a whole, what I mean by this is that we needed an eerie, dramatic music that would grab the audiences attention and make them think, this way relating to the thriller’s plot as well as mood that is trying to set, after all say we were to put un upbeat happy song on for instance it would defiantly not go.
Secondly, we had to consider the fact that it has to appeal to both teenagers who may relate to the actors as they are young, but at the same time not put off other type of audience, because usually the main audience for thrillers is middle ages male and female audiences, perhaps 25 and over, who would actually pay to go see a thriller in a cinema. Therefore the sound we ended up putting on our thriller ticked those things, because its something that doesn’t exactly lean on either side of the target audience, however is still great at grabbing the audience’s attention because of the backbeat to the main sound which adds that ‘something is not right here’ effect onto the thriller.

In the end we combined the sound ‘Disoriented’ with ‘Beautiful Tension’ to make our final background music of our thriller. The reason we chose those two sounds in particular are because we felt beautiful tension was dramatic yet gave the thriller that extra edge, while the disoriented kept to the thriller side by adding that uncertainty and suspense to the Beautiful Tension.
Also at the beginning disoriented starts off the thriller until beautiful tension comes in, and Disoriented finishes the thriller off because its slower and more eerie that Beautiful Tension that way it will create more of an impact at the end when the audience are shown for certain now that the girl in the bed is dead, and as that happens the thriller finishes off in a low dramatic music that fades out. (The fade out is achieved by pulling from the end of your sound inwards).

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