Monday, 21 March 2011

Ideas for actors who might star in our thriller

Because it’s a low budget thriller, the actors that we would look to higher would logically be ones that we could afford. We would have to think of the budget that we have, in which case top Hollywood actors would not be our best choice. Also we need to take in consideration that fact that our thriller is a small British production, therefore most of our audiences would be British and a good idea might be for  the main actors in our thriller to be British too, in order to relate to our target audiences.  So after doing a bit of re search if we could use real actors, the ones we might consider would be perhaps someone like;

Troy Glasgow who starred in Adulthood, but had a minor role, suggesting that he might be in our budget. Or perhaps Katie Henney, who appears in an episodes of Skins. Both these actors would be great at starring in our thriller as they are both young, represent British teenagers, and therefore relate to our target audiences.

Troy Glasgow                                                                                Katie Henney

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