Wednesday, 9 March 2011

First day of shooting

On our first day of filming we had organised ourselves pretty well before hand when it came to things such as picking up the equipment, the time and place we were all meeting etc. We had a production schedule to help us with just that as it allowed us to plan out our day of shooting, that way we knew what time to meet where and when to actually star shooting. Once on set, because it was at one of our group member’s house, the whole group didn’t really have a chance to familiarise themselves with the set before hand apart from photos taken before the filming, therefore as the shooting process began we came to realise that some of the shot we planned were not in reality achievable, and so we had to change them.

At times, especially the third shot with the flicking of the dead girl’s hair we found it quite difficult to shoot, because our actors (mainly me) kept laughing, however in the end we managed to do the scene.

Also we had some technical issues with the camera lights; therefore we had to leave some scene for the second day of filming. Over all however we didn’t have any other issue with the equipment apart from forgetting to focus before some of the shots, because the camera was set on manual. Similarly because of that reason the lighting at times was different but we only realised that once we were back in college, and so had to go out and film once more to make it even everywhere.

All in all our first day of shooting was successful, however we did not manage to finish the whole thing, and so had to come back the next day.

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