Monday, 21 March 2011

Changes to be made from feedback

  • The rough cut was very useful in showing us exactly what things we still had to work on and even change a bit. For instance, the titles themselves on the rough cut were only there to represent a rough idea of where they would be placed in our final edit, however we still had to produce the titles and place them with the correct animation.

  • Also we still have to finish creating our sounds and add them to our thriller, because in our rough cut there were no sounds apart from the diegetic sound, which we plan on removing anyway.

  • The last change we need to do in light of the feedback from our rough cut was concerning the timing. The time limit for our thriller opening is 2 minutes, however at the moment our one goes over that limit by 50 seconds, which means we have to cut out a whole scene or cut down a few of the scenes.

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