Sunday, 13 March 2011

Mise en Scene - Props

Key Props that we used in our thriller

Next to the bed we had a picture of the two main actors indicating that they are or were in a relationship as some point. The red colour of the frame that the picture is in has connotations of passion and love which also contributes to this idea of them being in love, which then makes the fact that the girl is probably dead and him not doing anything about much more shocking for the audience. However the colour red can also has connotations of anger and danger which could hint or relate to the events that have taken place for her to end up dead.

The two cans of coke next to the picture portrayed the age the actors are because if they were older they would most likely have a glass of wine instead of coke from the night before. Also the fact that they seem to not have been moved but were left as they were from the night before suggests that something is not right because there was no one to put them away maybe which re enforces the assumption that the girl in the bed is dead.

As the male actor makes his way from the bathroom towards the drawer where the ticket is, because of the pan that was used more mise en scene is revealed as we see a teddy bear that holds a heart with the word love written on it which once again connotes that the two characters were at some point in a relationship.

The glass beside the bed on the floor is another key props becau se its got the girl’s lipstick on suggesting that she drunk from it the night before but because its positioned in an awkward place just bellow her hand which has dropped from the bed and is on the floor it suggest that she perhaps dropped the glass there and now really re enforces the idea that she is dead and hints that the way she died could have had something to do with poisoning.

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