Thursday, 10 March 2011

Planning for the title sequence

When the time comes to choose the actual titles themselves we have to consider a few things.

First we have to take in mind what the thriller is about and have a font and colour that reflect the purpose.

Secondly we have to considered the size as well as the timing because if they appear and leave too quickly that could also reflect the thriller and may suggest that it’s a fast pace film

Some films that we found inspirational for our title sequence were the stepfather which has a pretty basic opening with the titles appearing at the bottom of the screen in black writing. The title of the film itself appear the same way as all the rest and you might not even notice it at first. The name of the film is the third title seen right after the production and distribution company and also an interesting feature I noticed was that the name of the actors and companies are bigger than the thing that describes what they are for example: SCREEN GEMS presents.

Another film that has an interesting title sequence as its basic yet has a great effect on the audience is what lies beneath, with this title sequence the name of the film is in big bold letters and comes right at the end of the title sequence.  

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