Thursday, 24 March 2011

How we came up with our Thriller title

When thinking of what our title should be we knew it had to be short and catchy otherwise it would be too hard to remember. At first we thought about having it as just the number of the ticket one of our main props, however after doing a bit of re search we realised that there aren’t really any films which use numbers for titles, and for good reasons. Because of that we finally came up with ‘One Way 61363’ which reflects the ticket the main actor was holding, and the fact that its one way suggests that he does not plan on coming back here, to her. The number 61363 symbolises the number of the ticket which we found online and printed out.

Also by using numbers in our title it rule out the possibility of attracting only a certain type of audience, because numbers appeal to everyone, and thrillers too appeal to both female and male audiences, because they have crime which is more toward a male audience, but they also have suspense which leans more towards a female audience.

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