Friday, 18 March 2011

Intertextuality Shots

We had the film ‘The Stepfather’ as one of our main inspirations, therefore most of the intersexuality in our thriller would be mainly from the stepfather. Bellow are a few examples of different shots that were inspired by the film itself, however we managed to make them our own in one way or another.

This shot in The Stepfather is used as a cutaway, but is part of the mise en scene and reveals a bit of background information that later in the film becomes even more apparent.
In our shot we too have pictures of the main characters, however instead of a cut away the mise en scene is seen at the beginning when he turns the alarm off.

 A shot confirming that something is wrong through aside shot of what appears to be a dead woman.

We too interpret this into our thriller, however make it less apparent by not using make up to clarify that she is dead, that way keeping the suspense going as the audience asks themselves is she really dead?

 A mid shot of the main actor leaving as the shuts the door behind him.

A wide shot of the main actor leaving as he shuts the door behind him.

Over the shoulder shot reflecting off the mirror, which also portrays a sense of normality as he does his morning routine.

 Over the shoulder shot in the mirror ones again portraying a sense of normality however with our own he seems to be deep in thought rather than actually doing some sort of activity.

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