Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation Question 2 - How does your media production represent particular social groups?

I decided to create two character similarities from two different films. In one of the films the male actor is seen as the antagonist while the females are seen as the protagonists. Whilst in the other thriller, the male is seen as the protagonist, while the female as the antagonist. By doing this I’m showing the possible outcomes of our thriller and what might happen later on, because the opening leaves us with a lot of questions which is good because it means the audience would want to carry on watching.

The Last Seduction (1994)

Bridget Gregory   (Linda Fiorentino)

In The Last Seduction, the female who is also the mane character is seen as the antagonist, as she manipulates her way from guy to guy, and manages to make her new husband act the way she wants him to. In the process she lies to him and makes up stories. In our thriller, the girl that is outside and looks up at the man actor could later on be revealed as actually being the main reason why the other girl is dead. She too just like Bridget from The last seduction could have manipulated our main actor into killing the girl in the bedroom for personal reason, or maybe just for the thrill she gets as it is a psychological thriller after all.

Mike Swale (Peter Berg)

Similarly in The last seduction, Mike is the new husband who is tricked by Bridget to kill for money, and that too could be in our story line where we have the male actor killing because of the girl that passed outside. The fact that they also looked at each other and he nodded could very well re enforce this idea of them being in some sort of conspiracy together, just like with Mike and Bridget.

The Stepfather (2009)

David Harris (Dylan Walsh)
In the Stepfather, the main actor David, is the antagonist this time as he goes around killing innocent families and then changing identities. In our opening thriller the male actor could relate very well to him, not just by the way the thriller as a whole is structured with both man at first tricking the audience into thinking that everything is normal, when in reality it isn’t., But also they are similar in the sense that they both killed someone who they were in a relationship with, and seem to be leaving the place for good, by packing up all their bags ect. Of course for our thriller we can only infer those things through certain props and action, but over all those are the similarities if we went with that story line. The difference between the two men however is that in our thriller, there seems to only be one antagonist so fat, whiles in The Stepfather there’s the whole family.

The ex wife
 Similarly, in both thrillers the dead women are the protagonists who are now just exs and something from the past to both men, which is therefore their main similarity. However the difference, between the women in the Stepfather is that at certain points he has flash backs of her, but we haven’t got that in our thriller.

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