Thursday, 17 March 2011

Second day of filming..

Our second day of filming went by much quicker than the first one, because we tried to film as much as possible in our first day that way if we looked over and didn’t like anything and felt the needed to re do it we would have had enough time to do so on the second day of filming. However, at the time we thought everything was fine the way it was and so finished off the final few shots and rapped it up for the day.

However, once we were back in college we realised that a lot of the material we had we had to re shoot again because of technical problems such as the lighting changing from scene to scene, or because we decided to add on a bit of mise on scene such as the picture frame, which meant we had to re shot that whole scene. As a result of which, during one of our Tuesdays 3 hour media lessons instead of going in to college, we went back to our set and re shot the scenes that we needed to do. Because we had previously planned out exactly what we needed to fix or change, it didn’t take us that long and we were able to get back to college on time for our afternoon lessons. Nonetheless if we had spotted the problem before on our second day of filming, we would have never had the need to go back and re film some shots. Still this all gave us a lot more footage to work with and made the editing process a bit easier as we had a lot to choose from.  

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